Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diaries at Browsers Uncommon Books

Diaries at Browsers Uncommon Books, updated 16May2012

 The Oregon and California Trail Diary of Jane Gould in 1862, Illustrated with Pictures, Map: The Unabridged Diary with Introduction and Contemporary Comments by Bert Weber. Paperback, staplebound, 92 page pamphlet. Old West.
Original woman's diary 1935 and 1936  
Hinges weak. $25.00. Lock works but there is no key. Used a paperclip to open. Miss Joyce Richardson, 0208 22nd, Lewiston, Idaho. Available in store only. Glass case.

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  1. The Richardson book would be great resource for the next Lewiston book --- IN OUR OWN WORDS.

    Steven Branting
    Lewis-Clark State