Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Arney-Featherstone Key to Characters in Hutton's Coeur d'Alenes

The Arney-Featherstone Key to Characters in Hutton's Coeur d'Alenes

Soon after establishing Browsers Uncommon Books in Coeur d'Alene, May 8, 1986, I learned that one of the "holy grail books" of North Idaho is "The Coeur d'Alenes" by May Arkwright Hutton. I don't remember who first told me about this book, but two of my main sources of information about books, and especially Idaho books, were George Nolan and Judge Magnuson. The Judge would drop by the shop once in a while, carefully comb my meager stock, and usually find something to add to his significant collection. He especially liked pamphlets and ephemera which he mentioned sometimes held historical tidbits not found elsewhere. He was very generous with his knowledge about books and history.

Of course I kept my eyes peeled for the little red book, The Coeur d'Alenes, self-published by Hutton in 1900. Impatient to read and handle the book before I found a copy of my own, I went down to the North Idaho College Library where they had two copies in special collection and sat there over a few evenings reading. In one of the copies is laid in the following four sheets of correspondence between  A.H. Featherstone and J. Ward Arney. I asked for and received permission from the librarian on duty to copy the letters. 


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