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Boy Scout books at Browsers Uncommon Books

Boy Scout books at Browsers Uncommon Books

Camp-Lore and Woodcraft by Dan Beard: The Standard Guide to Life in the Open
Hardcover with dustjacket. 270 pages. Garden City Publishing. Reprint 1920
Boy Scouts, Camping

The Boy Scout Pathfinders by George Durston, Saalfield, 1921

 Boy Scout Pathfinders, or Jack Danby's Best Adventure, Boy Scout Series Volume 6, by Major Robert Maitland, hardcover, 160 pages plus ads. Copyright 1912, Saalfield.  Paper age tanned. Hinges fragile, shaken.

Books below this line have sold.

Exploring Boy Scouts of America, 1959 printing, location: Children's corner.

Patrol Leader's Handbook Boy Scouts of America 1967, Location: Children's Corner

Campfires of the Wolf Patrol by Captain Alan Douglas. Location: Children's Corner

The Scout Patrol Boys and The Hunting Lodge Mystery. This copy sold.

The Boy Scout Courageous by Franklin K. Mathiews, hardcover.  This copy sold.

The Boy Scout Trail Blazers by F.H. Cheley. This copy sold.

 Harbottle: A Modern Pilgrim's Progress From This World to That Which Is To Come. Philadelphia, 1924, no dustjacket.
1. As still a boy in his teens he was an illustrator for John Buchan's books
2. He was an early Boy Scout and founder of an alternative group called Kindred of the Kibbo Kift . Location: Old Popular Fiction

The Call of the Wild, Every Boy's Library, Boy Scout Edition by Jack London, hardcover. This copy sold.


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